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Lab Manuals

NMT-P1310LM-2024S.pdf   NMT-P1320LM-2024S.pdf

Syllabus Template


Rubric Assessment Rubric
Lab1_Report_Rubric_RP 1310_Lab_Report_Template_RP

Assessment Reports

Sample Reports


Sample micro-lectures

Sample of Data Collection Videos

Physics 1310L (Mechanics Lab)

Lab Raw-Data Sheet Sample Data Worksheet
Vector Addition of Forces: RDS Data [Report]
Kinematics: RDS Data WS
Projectile_Motion: RDS Data WS
Newtons laws Part I RDS Data [Report]
Newtons laws Part II: RDS Data WS
Energy Conservation: RDS Data WS
Binary System: RDS Data [Report]
Collision in 1 & 2D: RDS Data WS
Inelastic Collisions: RDS Data [Report]
Torque: RDS Data WS
Rolling Without Slipping: RDS Data WS
Angular Momentum: RDS Data WS
Harmonic Oscillator: RDS Data WS

Physics 1320L (EnM Lab)

Lab Raw-Data Sheet Sample Data Worksheet
Wave Superposition: RNA Superposition
Coulomb's Law: WS Sample_Work_Sheet
Electric Field and Superposition: RNA
Electric Field Mapping: WS
Capacitors: WS
Ohm's Law: WS
Kirchoff's Laws: WS
Magnetic Forces: WS
Magnetic Forces II: WS
Oscilloscopes: RNA
Faraday's Law: RNA
Mutual Inductance: WS
Displacement Current: WS Sample_Data Sample_Work_Sheet

Data Acquisition with PASCO's SPARKvue software

  • The link below give you access to the SPARKvue software. There are two files: one for Windows and one for Macs. Please download the software and add it to your CANVAS page, to make it available to your students.
  • SoftwareLinks

--deprecated --Guide for Data Acquisition with Data-Studio

The video-tutorial below was prepared by former lab students, as part of their Technical Communications Class --we thank them for sharing it with us. If you want to share this video with your students, then copy and paste the link to an email. Please do not share this site address.
Tutorial about our oscilloscope lab