Standout Research


photo_infobox2PREDICT (Pre-Depression Investigation of Cloud-systems over potential cyclones. Dropsondes descend from the aircraft on a small parachute and radio back temperature, pressure, humidity, and winds. Multiple dropsondes allow us to develop a picture of what is going on in a potential cyclone. Graduate student Saska Gjorgjievska was involved in the project and flew a number of times of the G-V aircraft. The analysis of data from this project will be part of her dissertation.

To learn more about the project please visit the PREDICT site.


NESSIassemblyNESSI is the New Mexico Extrasolar Spectroscopic Survey Instrument designed and built at New Mexico Tech under a NASA EPSCoR grant.  NESSI recently had first light at the MRO 2.4m telescope. NESSI works at optical and near-infrared wavelengths and was purpose-built to observe transiting exoplanets.  For more information on NESSI, see the dedicated website.



Dr. Raul-Morales Jubieras has been working on modeling to explain the hexagonal cloud pattern on Saturn.  His research was recently highlighted by the American Astronomical Society’s Nova.



Dr. Ken Minschwaner, Dr. Gloria Manney, and a team of students at NMT have worked with the 2013 SEACIONS field campaign studying ozone.  The team has published a paper in Geophysical Research Letters and has received recent coverage here at NM Tech for their work understanding how storms affect ozone levels.



Stipo Sentic with his advisor Dr. Sharon Sessions, and several members from the Physics Department at NMT, have a recent JAMES paper on the relationships between convection and the environment with a cloud-resolving model featured in EOS on Feb 11, 2016.