Dr. Paul Arendt Paul Arendt, Assistant Professor
Pulsars and strong-field astrophysics
305 Workman  | (575) 835-5431 | paul.arendt -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman Michelle Creech-Eakman, Professor
Infrared spectroscopy and optical/IR interferometry, pulsation/dust in Miras
357 Workman | (575) 835-5809 | michelle.creecheakman -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Ken Eack Ken Eack, Associate Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Balloon-borne remote sensing, gamma rays
318 Workman | (575) 835-5427 | ken.eack -at- nmt.edu
Harald Edens, Assistant Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Lightning mapping array, storm electrification
343 Workman | (575) 835-5423 | harald.edens -at- nmt.edu
Zeljka Fuchs, Research Associate Professor
Climate and Water Consortium, Atmospheric convection
313 Workman | (575) 835-5329 | zeljka.fuchs -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Peter Hofner Peter Hofner, Professor
Star formation, molecular clouds, HII regions
307 Workman | (575) 835-5233 | peter.hofner -at- nmt.edu
Dr. David Meier David Meier, Associate Professor
Astrochemistry in galaxies, star formation in dwarf/starburst galaxies
359 Workman | (575) 835-5340 | david.meier -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Kenneth R. Minschwaner Kenneth R. Minschwaner, Marv Wilkening Endowed Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Radiative transfer, climate and upper atmosphere physics
313 Workman | (575) 835-5226 | kenneth.minschwaner -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Raul Morales Juberias Raul Morales Juberias, Associate Professor
Planetary Science
Outer planets observations and atmospheric dynamics
345 Workman | (575) 835-6559 | raul.moralesjuberias -at- nmt.edu
Dr. David Raymond David J. Raymond, Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Geophysical fluid dynamics:how clouds interact with global atmospheric flow
349 Workman | (575) 835-5610 | david.raymond -at- nmt.edu
Van D. Romero, Professor and V.P. for Research & Development
Shock Physics
Energetic materials, shock physics, high energy physics
200C Brown | (575) 835-5646 | van.romero -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Sharon Sessions Sharon Sessions, Associate Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Use of condensed matter theory to understand atmospheric processes and climate
353 Workman | (575) 835-5798 | sharon.sessions -at- nmt.edu
Caitano da Silva, Assistant Professor
Atmospheric and space electricity, plasma physics
351 Workman | (575) 835-5341 | caitano.dasilva -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld Richard Sonnenfeld, Professor and Chair
Atmospheric Physics and Instrumentation
Physics of lightning, embedded systems and instrumentation
347 Workman | (575) 838-7113 | richard.sonnenfeld -at- nmt.edu
  Douglas Wells, Professor and V.P. for Academic Affairs
Nuclear Physics
201A Brown | (575) 835-5363 | douglas.wells -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Dave Westpfahl David J. Westpfahl, Professor
Dynamics of spiral and dwarf galaxies
361 Workman | (575) 835-5792 | david.westpfahl -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Lisa Young Lisa M. Young, Professor and Associate Chair
Dynamics of spiral and dwarf galaxies
363 Workman | (575) 835-5104 | NRAO (575) 835-7387 | lisa.young -at- nmt.edu

Staff and Research/Visiting Faculty

Altagracia L. Lujan Altagracia L. Lujan, Administrative Secretary II
333 Workman | (575) 835-5328 | altagracia.lujan -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Carlos Carrillo Carlos Lopez Carrillo
Laboratory Mgr. and Assistant Professor, Dept. Safety Officer
Atmospheric Physics & Tropical meteorology
111 Workman | (575) 835-5047 | carlos.lopezcarrillo -at- nmt.edu
Loren Jacobson Loren Jacobson, Physics Lecturer
323 Workman | jacobsonla -at- yahoo.com
Barry Sabol Barry Sabol, Retired Lab Manager/Lecturer
bsabol -at- arctic.nmt.edu


Dr. Jean Eilek Jean A. Eilek, Professor Emerita
Radio galaxies, pulsars, clusters of galaxies, plasma astrophysics
355 Workman | (575) 835-5433 | NRAO (575) 835-7393 | jeilek -at- aoc.nrao.edu
Dr. Timothy Hankins Timothy H. Hankins, Professor Emeritus
Pulsars, radio instrumentation, signal processing
NRAO (575) 835-7326 | thankins -at- aoc.nrao.edu
Dr. Paul Krehbiel Paul R. Krehbiel, Professor Emeritus
Atmospheric Physics
Lightning studies, radar meteorology,thunderstorm electrification
Workman Center |paul.krehbiel -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Vernon LaFebre Vernon LeFebre
Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
vlefebre -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Stephen Schery Stephen D. Schery
Atmospheric physics
Environmental radioactivity
schery -at- nmt.edu
Dr. William Winn William P. Winn, Professor Emeritus
Atmospheric Physics
Instrumentation, electrical discharges in gases
341 Workman | (575) 835-5503 | bill.winn -at- nmt.edu


 Dr. Ivan Avramidi Ivan Avramidi, New Mexico Tech, Mathematics
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
235 Cramer | (575) 835-5638 | ivan.avramidi -at- nmt.edu
 Dr. David Buscher David Buscher, Magdalena Ridge Observatory,
University of Cambridge, Optical/IR interferometry
MRO/ROB | (575) 835-6431 | dfb -at- mrao.cam.ac.uk
Bryan Butler, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
NRAO | (575) 835-7261 | bbutler -at- nrao.edu
 Dr. Elvis Martin Martin Elvis, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Astrophysics, AGN
(575) 835-5384 | elvis -at- cfa.harvard.edu
 Dr. Miller Goss Miller Goss, NRAO
Galactic center, supernova remnants, interstellar medium
NRAO | (575) 835-7300 | mgoss -at- aoc.nrao.edu
 Dr. Chris Haniff Chris Haniff, Magdalena Ridge Observatory
University of Cambridge, Optical/infrared interferometry
MRO/ROB | (505) 835-6431 | cah -at- mrao.cam.ac.uk
cjajunct-pic Colby Jurgenson, Ohio State University
Research Scientist
colby.jurgenson -at-  XXX
 Dr. Dan Klinglesmith Dan Klinglesmith, Magdalena Ridge Observatory
Astronomy, asteroid light curves
MRO/ROB | (505) 835-6802 | dan.klinglesmith -at- nmt.edu
manney-gloria Gloria Manney, NWRA Senior Research Scientist
Atmospheric Science
Stratospheric dynamics/transport, polar processes and ozone loss
311 Workman | (505) 414-8887 | manney -at- nwra.com
 StevenMyersPhoto Steven Myers
NRAO | (505) 835-7294 | smyers -at- aoc.nrao.edu
Assistant Scientist
NRAO | (575) 835-7174  | jott -at- nrao.edu
Frazer Owen
NRAO | (575) 835-7304 | fowen -at- aoc.nrao.edu
rison_william William Rison, NMT Electrical Engineering
Atmospheric Physics
Atmospheric electricity, radar meteorology, instrumentation
211 Workman | (575) 835-5486 | rison -at- ee.nmt.edu
Mark Swain, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
mark.r.swain -at- jpl.nasa.gov
 swteareadjunct.pic_ Scott Teare, NMT Electrical Engineering
Experimental Adaptive Optics
Radiation Effects and Directed Energy
223 Workman | (575) 835-5839 | scott.teare -at- nmt.edu
 ron Ronald Thomas, NMT Electrical Engineering
Atmospheric Physics
219 Workman | (575) 835-5683 | thomas -at- ee.nmt.edu
Przemyslaw Wozniak
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Space Science & Applications
wozniak -at- lanl.gov