Dr. Paul Arendt Paul Arendt, Assistant Professor
Pulsars and strong-field astrophysics
305 Workman  | (575) 835-5431 | paul.arendt -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman Michelle Creech-Eakman, Associate Professor and Assoc. Chair
Mid-infrared imaging/spectroscopy and optical/infrared interferometry, pulsation & dust production in Miras
357 Workman | (575) 835-5809 | michelle.creecheakman -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Ken Eack Ken Eack, Associate Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Balloon-borne remote sensing
351 Workman | (575) 835-5427 | ken.eack -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Peter Hofner Peter Hofner, Professor
Star formation, molecular clouds, HII regions
307 Workman | (575) 835-5233 | peter.hofner -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Paul Krehbiel Paul R. Krehbiel, Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Lightning studies, radar meteorology,thunderstorm electrification
343 Workman | (575) 835-5215 | paul.krehbiel -at- nmt.edu
Dr. David Meier David Meier, Associate Professor
Astrochemistry in galaxies, star formation in dwarf/starburst galaxies
359 Workman | (575) 835-5340 | david.meier -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Kenneth R. Minschwaner Kenneth R. Minschwaner, Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Radiative transfer, climate and upper atmosphere physics
313 Workman | (575) 835-5226 | kenneth.minschwaner -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Raul Morales Juberias Raul Morales Juberias, Associate Professor
Planetary Science
Outer planets observations and atmospheric dynamics
345 Workman | (575) 835-6559 | raul.moralesjuberias -at- nmt.edu
Dr. David Raymond David J. Raymond, Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Geophysical fluid dynamics:how clouds interact with global atmospheric flow
349 Workman | (575) 835-5610 | david.raymond -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Van Romero Van D. Romero, Professor and V.P. for Research & Development
Shock Physics
Energetic materials, shock physics, high energy physics
200C Brown | (575) 835-5646 | van.romero -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Sharon Sessions Sharon Sessions, Associate Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Use of condensed matter theory to understand atmospheric processes and climate
353 Workman | (575) 835-5798 | sharon.sessions -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld Richard Sonnenfeld, Professor and Chair
Atmospheric Physics and Instrumentation
Physics of lightning, Embedded systems and instrumentation
347 Workman | (575) 838-7113 | richard.sonnenfeld -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Dave Westpfahl David J. Westpfahl, Professor
Dynamics of spiral and dwarf galaxies
361 Workman | (575) 835-5792 | david.westpfahl -at- nmt.edu
Dr. William Winn William P. Winn, Professor
Atmospheric Physics
Instrumentation, electrical discharges in gases
341 Workman | (575) 835-5503 | bill.winn -at- nmt.edu
Dr. Lisa Young Lisa M. Young, Professor
Dynamics of spiral and dwarf galaxies
363 Workman | (575) 835-5104 | NRAO (575) 835-7387 | lisa.young -at- nmt.edu

Staff and Visiting Faculty

Altagracia L. Lujan Altagracia L. Lujan,
Administrative Secretary II
333 Workman | (575) 835-5328 | altagracia.lujan -at- nmt.edu
Loren Jacobson Loren Jacobson
Physics Lecturer
323 Workman | jacobsonla at yahoo.com
Barry Sabol Barry Sabol
Retired/Physics Lecturer
313 Workman | bsabol at arctic.nmt.edu
Dr. Carlos Carrillo Carlos Lopez Carrillo
Laboratory Manager, Safety Officer and Atmospheric Physics
Tropical meteorology
111 Workman | (575) 835-5047 | carlos.lopezcarrillo -at- nmt.edu
zelka-photo Zeljka Fuchs,University of Split, Croatia
Atmospheric Physics | zeljka.fuchs at gmail.com


Dr. Jean Eilek Jean A. Eilek, Professor Emeritus
Radio galaxies, pulsars, clusters of galaxies, plasma astrophysics
355 Workman | (575) 835-5433 | NRAO (575) 835-7393 | jeilek at aoc.nrao.edu
Dr. Timothy Hankins Timothy H. Hankins, Professor
Pulsars, radio instrumentation, signal processing
NRAO (575) 835-7326 | thankins at aoc.nrao.edu
Dr. Vernon LaFebre Vernon LeFebre
Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
vlefebre at nmt.edu
Dr. Stephen Schery Stephen D. Schery
Atmospheric physics
Environmental radioactivity
schery at nmt.edu


 Dr. Ivan Avramidi Ivan Avramidi, New Mexico Tech Mathematics
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
235 Cramer | (575) 835-5638 | ivan.avramidi -at- nmt.edu
 Dr. David Buscher David Buscher, Magdalena Ridge Observatory, University of Cambridge
MRO/ROB | (575) 835-6964 | dfb at nrao.cam.ac.uk
Bryan Butler, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
NRAO | (575) 835-7261 | bbutler at nrao.edu
 NIcholas Elias Nicholas Elias, Ph.D.
Proprietor, OAM Solutions, LLC., Flagstaff, AZ
 Dr. Elvis Martin Martin Elvis, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
(575) 835-5384 | elvis at cfa.harvard.edu
 Dr. Miller Goss Miller Goss, NRAO
Galactic center, supernova remnants, interstellar medium
NRAO | (575) 835-7300 | mgoss -at- aoc.nrao.edu
 Dr. Chris Haniff Chris Haniff, Magdalena Ridge Observatory
University of Cambridge
MRO/ROB | (505) 835-6964 | cah -at- mrao.cam.ac.uk
cjajunct-pic Colby Jurgenson, Yale University
Associate Research Scientists
colby.jurgenson -at- yale.edu
 Dr. Dan Klinglesmith Dan Klinglesmith, Magdalena Ridge Observatory
MRO/ROB | (505) 835-6802 | dan.klinglesmith -at- nmt.edu
manney-gloria Gloria Manney, NWRA Senior Research Scientist
Atmospheric Science
Stratospheric dynamics/transport, Stratospheric polar processes and ozone loss
309 Workman | (505) 835-5341 | manney at nwra.com
Dr. John Meason John Meason, EMRTC
Explosives research
NMR studies of gas absorption
EMRTC | (505) 835-5312 | meason at emrtc.nmt.edu
 StevenMyersPhoto Steven Myers
NRAO | (505) 835-7294 | smyers at aoc.nrao.edu
Assistant Scientist
NRAO | (575) 835-7174  | jott at nrao.edu
Frazer Owen
NRAO | (575) 835-7304 | fowen at aoc.nrao.edu
rison_william William Rison, NMT Electrical Engineering
Atmospheric Physics
Atmospheric electricity, radar meteorology, instrumentation
211 Workman | (575) 835-5486 | rison at ee.nmt.edu
 rupen_michael Michael Rupen, NRAO
Normal galaxies, supernova remnants, interstellar medium
NRAO | (575) 835-7248 | mrupen at aoc.nrao.edu
Mark Swain, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
mark.r.swain -at- jpl.nasa.gov
 swteareadjunct.pic_ Scott Teare, NMT Electrical Engineering
Experimental Adaptive Optics
Radiation Effects and Directed Energy
223 Workman | (575) 835-5839 | scott.teare -at- nmt.edu
 ron Ronald Thomas, NMT Electrical Engineering
Atmospheric Physics
219 Workman | (575) 835-5683 | thomas at ee.nmt.edu
Przemyslaw Wozniak
Los Alamos National LaboratorySpace Science & Applications
wozniak at lanl.gov