Physics Department Committees and Service Loads 2013-14

Graduate Admissions Committee

Chair: Ken Eack
Member 1: Peter Hofner
Member 2: David Meier
Member 3: Raul Morales-Jubieras

Recruitment Committee

Chair: Sharon Sessions
Member 1: Richard Sonnenfeld
Member 2: Peter Hofner
Member 3: Altagracia Lujan

Prelim Committee

Co-Chairs: Dave Meier
Member 1:Paul Arendt
Member 2:Dave Westpfahl
Member 3:Dave Raymond

Graduate Studies Committee

Chair: Paul Arendt
Member 1: Raul Morales-Jubieras
Member 2: Sharon Sessions
Member ex-officio: Michelle Creech-Eakman

121-122 Committee

Chair: Ken Minschwaner
Member 1: Carlos Lopez-Carrillo
Member 2: Richard Sonnenfeld
Member 3: David Meier

Computing & Website Committee

Chair: Richard Sonnenfeld
Member 1: Dave Raymond
Member 2: Dave Westpfahl
Member 3: Carlos Lopez-Carrillo
Student Assistant:
Webmaster: TBD

Student Learning Coordinator

Dave Westpfahl

Library Representative

Richard Sonnenfeld

Grad Student Representatives

Gareth Jones

Exploration Day

Paul Arendt with student assistance

Associate Chair

Richard Sonnenfeld


Michelle Creech-Eakman