Colloquium Abstracts

Thursday, April 19– Workman 101 – Greiner Hall — 4:00 pm


Presenter: Amy Kimball, NRAO


The VLA Sky Survey (VLASS)


I will present the VLA Sky Survey (VLASS): a brand new survey of the radio sky that is underway at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). This modern survey is possible because of the enhanced observing and software capabilities of the upgraded Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA). This community-driven survey will cover the entire sky visible to the VLA (> -40deg decl.) in three observing epochs (reaching rms ~120 microJy per epoch) with a frequency coverage of 2-4 GHz and angular resolution of ~2.5 arcsec. NRAO will provide continuum images as well as spectral and full polarization image cubes. Scientific applications include the study of radio transients, Faraday tomography of radio galaxies, and demographics of the radio loud/intermediate AGN population. I will give an overview of the scientific motivation for VLASS, describe its current status and how to access the published images, and touch on various obstacles and challenges faced by the VLASS team.

Special Seminar:  2nd Annual Millar Lecture, Monday, April 30, 3:00, Greiner Hall

Guest Speaker: Tabetha Boyajian, Louisiana State Univ.


See posters around the department/campus for full abstract and description
of Dr. Boyajian’s work.




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