Colloquia and Other Events

Thursdays, 4:00 pm, Workman 101 (unless noted*)
Physics 579 Graduate Seminar

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Date Speaker Topic
Sept 7, 2017  — None—  — Dept. Meeting —
Sept 14 Paul Arendt, NMT Moving Qubits around in Complex Time
Sept 21 Peter Hitchcock, NCAR Interactions between Waves and Mean Flows in the QBO
Sept 28 open
Oct 5 Jennifer Dunne, Santa Fe Institute  Complexity and Chaos
Oct 12 open
Oct 19 open
Oct 26 Dinesh Loomba, UNM  A Hunt for Dark Matter:  A Tale of Sensitivity and Direction
Nov 2 Kevin Stovall, UNM  Searching for New Pulsars for NANOGrav
Nov 9 NOT OPEN  —Engineering Class Use—
Nov 16 Alejandro Manjavacas  Plasmonics, Controlling Light with Nanostructures
Nov 23  — None — Thanksgiving Break
Nov 30 Chris Davis, UCAR  The Formation of Hurricanes
Dec 4 – 2 PM at NRAO Gareth (Indy) Jones, NMT PhD Defense  Dissertation Talk: A Multi-Faceted Study of Three Forms of Galactic Formation in the Early Universe
Dec 7 – 2PM  Sam Collopy, NMT PhD Defense  Dissertation Talk: Thermal Yang-Mills Theory and Quantum Gravity on Products of Spheres
BREAK  Happy Holidays!  Returning in January, 2018!
Jan 25  –open
Feb 1  –open
Feb 8  Michelle Creech-Eakman (NMT)  Update and Near-term Plans for the MROI
Feb 15  Virginie Montes (NMT)  High-Mass Star Formation and Embedded Young Clusters
Feb 22  Adam Sobel (Columbia)  Understanding Deep Convection by Parameterizing Large-Scale Dynamics
Mar 1  Nancy Chanover (NMSU) Development and Field Testing of Instrumentation for Astrobiology Investigations
Mar 8  Ylva Pihlstrom (UNM) Circumstellar Masers as Probes of the Galaxy
Mar 15   — None — Spring Break
Mar 22  OPEN
Mar 29  Gloria Manney (NWRA/NMT)  Sudden Stratospheric Warmings and Arctic Ozone Loss
April 5  Sarah Scoles (Colorado)  From Scientist to Science Writer
**April 6  Virginie Montes  Dissertation Defense 2:00
April 12  Lori Allen (NOAO)  RESCHEDULED FOR FALL — Open
**April 13  Ryen Lapham  Dissertation Defense 2:00
 April 19  Kaley Walker (Univ. Toronto) Measuring Atmospheric Composition from Space
 April 26  Amy Kimball (NRAO)  The VLA Sky Survey (VLASS)
 **April 30  Tabetha Boyajian (LSU)  2nd Annual Millar Lecture!
 May 3  Joan Alexander (NWRA)