Colloquia and Other Events

Thursdays, 4:00 pm, Workman 101 (unless noted*)
Physics 579 Graduate Seminar

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Date Speaker Topic
Sept 8, 2016 Ruth Howes, ret. LANL Chemistry, Physics and Love during the French Revolution
Sept 15 Stipo Sentic, NMT Idealized Modeling of Tropical Convective Organization in a Changing Climate
Sept 22 Krzysztof Wargan, NGSFC Ozone Depletion in the Arctic Stratosphere
Sept 29 Rene Arechiga, NMT EE Applications of Correlation and Spectral Analysis
Oct 6 Andrea Albert, LANL Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays
Oct 13 Esteban Araya, WIU The Variability of Rare Astrophysical Masers at the Dawn and Dusk of Stellar Evolution
Oct 20 Natasha Holmes, Stanford Rethinking Intro Physics Labs: Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking
Oct 27 Wesley Even, LANL Simulating Supernova Light Curves
Nov 3 –Cancelled– –Cancelled—
Nov 10 E. Momjian, NRAO Measuring Magnetic Fields through Zeeman Effects in Class I Methanol Masers
Nov 17 Loren Jacobson, NMT The Physics of Singing
Nov 24 NO COLLOQUIUM —Thanksgiving Break—
Dec 1 Sally Seidel, UNM A New State of Beauty and Charm
**Dec 14 Viviana Rosero Rueda Dissertation Defense — 2 pm, NRAO Auditorium
Dec 12-Jan 13  Winter Break  No colloquium
Jan 19, 2017  No colloquium
Jan 26  Dave Grow, NMT Mech. Engr.  Rescheduled
Feb 2  Elham Baranizadeh, U. of Eastern Finland/Stockholm U.  Data Analysis and Regional-Scale Modeling of Atmospheric Aerosols in Europe
Feb 9  Steven Kawaler, Iowa State Univ. First Millar Astrophysics Lecture:

Sounding Stars while Hunting for Planets with the Kepler, K2, and Tess Spacecraft
Feb 16  David Raymond, NMT  Atmospheric Convection, Weather and Climate
Feb 23  Rick Cosentino, NMT — AT 2:30 pm  Investigating Jovian Tropospheric and Stratospheric
Vertical Structure with Numerical Models and
Radio Wavelength Observations
Mar 2  David Grow, NMT  Overview of Recent Projects in the Robotic Interfaces Lab at NMT
Mar 9  Richard Chip Scott, SDC  Gravitational Wave Detections or Ghosts in the (LIGO) Machine?
Mar 16 —–Spring Break—– No colloquium
Mar 22 Branko Grisogono, Univ. of Zagreb Bora Downslope Windstorm
Mar 23 Brant Carlson, Carthage College Understanding Corona Dynamics and Sheath Implications
Mar 23  David Adams, UNAM/U of A  Applications of the GPS Technique to Tropical Deep Convection
Mar 28  Zeljka Fuchs, NMT The Madden-Julian Oscillation
Mar 30 Irina Petropavlovskikh, NOAA/CIRES Analysis of Ozone Measurements
Apr 4 Harald Edens, NMT  Lightning at High Altitude
Apr 6  Caitano da Silva, Dartmouth  Fundamental Questions in Lightning Physics
Apr 13  open
Apr 20  Ryen Lapham, NMT Wilkening Graduate Fellow  Probing the Interstellar Medium with Far-Infrared Spectroscopy
April 27  Robert Stencel, Univ. of Denver  The Role of Interferometry in American Astronomy and Astrophysics
May 4  Student talks